PS3 Pro Mod v1.8 がリリース

2017/12/05 21:22 PS3 0
YouTubeで、Luan Teles氏がPS3の起動画面やXMBの効果音、背景等をカスタマイズする
PS3 Pro Mod v1.8 をリリースしていました。

-Fixed PRO size in PS3 PRO/4K Coldboot and Gameboot.
- Improved About Game Side Menu PS3 PRO/4K Logo.
- Some Modifications in File Manager.
- Themed Multiman PS3 PRO/ 4K.
- Added Facebook Icon under Network Category.
- Added Xai Plugin by Misys to make some custom functions to work.
- Added Epilepsy Warning Screen back to Rebug (Optional and for OFW look).
- Added Photo Gallery support in Debug mode.
- New Battery Metter Icon for Bluetooth Devices. "Colored (Default) and White (Alt.)"
~(Full = Green, Half = Yellow, Low = Orange, Empty = Red)
- Added new colors for controller identifier.
~(Control 1 = Red, Control 2 = Blue, Control 3 = Yellow and Control 4 = Green)
-Removed Quick SignUp icon.
- Some Minor Fixes.
- Remasterized Pro Logos.
- PS3 4K PRO 4K Remade.
- Added XMB Texts PS3 4K PRO for the PS3 4K PRO Mod.
- Added Reboot System Option (Translated for All Languages) under Users XMB Category.
- Rebuild the Mod as a PKG.
- Added 2160p Resolution in Settings ( Just for Fun)
- Support for CFW 4.82